Homemade Gel Paints

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These Homemade Gel Paints are so easy to make, extremely cheap – in comparison to store bought paint – and completely edible!

Gel paint introduces a new texture – slightly squishy – slightly squashy, but paintable – and SMOOTH!

Cornstarch is added to this mixture – and when it heats up it thickens and turns clear. Cornstarch is added to desert recipes like Lemon Pie filling – for this exact reason. When it cools, it sets – like jelly…


Homemade Gel Paint. Great texture to paint with - easy recipe!


1. Add the Corn Starch to 1 cup of luke warm water.

Stir well – until smooth and completely dissolved.

2. Put the rest of the water – 3 cups – onto the stove top and bring to a boil.

3. When the water is boiling, add the corn starch mixture and stir – continuously.

4. Keep stirring – the liquid will change consistency after a few minutes and start to thicken up – it will not get to the thickness of the paint you want – as this ONLY happens when it cools. Stir and keep the pot going until it changes from a milky white into a vaseline like color.

5. Take off the stove and pour into individual containers – we used baby food jars!

6. When the mixture has cooled add food coloring – for pastel shades just a little – add a little more for bright bold colors. (as always when using food coloring you need to use a tiny bit only to color paint – so start off with a tip of a tooth pick and add more from there!)

And then you are done!!

What can you use gel paints for?

Gel paint makes the best bath paint. Easy to make and so much fun to paint with.

Gel Bath Paint works a treat!

Using them for painting onto card or paper makes for a fun kids art project! The colors come up beautifully and the texture is new for children – they will love it!

Gel Painting, a fun - smooth - way to paint. Make these homemade gel paints for a fraction of the store bought equivalent

A great recipe for MUCH fun!!

Gel paint will store well for about 3 days – and then it thins down and becomes very runny.

This is a paint to make and use!

easy diy gel paint
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