How Many Sleeps? An Easy Countdown clock for Kids

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Countdown Clocks work well – very well – as they visualize time for Children.


Easy Countdown Clock for children

Time is abstract – and as such is so difficult to understand (I still count hours on my fingers…)

The age old, “How many Sleeps” is something that came from trying to put something material on the number of days.

Sleeping – or going to bed – is an action that children actually need to do – so it helps to count – or understand that in “This many more sleeping times” something is going to happen.

Time is also linked to numbers, until very recently Emma (3 years) counted to 3, that she understood. If she said 5, that meant a lot! 5 was BIG, LOTS…

So saying in 10 more sleeps to a younger child – actually means nothing…

This is a great little idea to do with your child to VISUALIZE time – number of days – or number of sleeps!!

In 9 more sleeps Ganny is arriving!!! So we made 9 chains – Emma helped me staple – and I wrote on the numbers.

It is hanging in her bedroom now – and every morning she is allowed to cut (cutting being her second favorite thing at the moment – after eating ice creams) she is allowed to cut 1 sleep off.

Visualize time for children with this easy countdown clock. Easy to make and use!


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