How to Dye Wooden Pegs – In Large Amounts – Pain Free

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How to dye wooden clothing pegs in bulk. this is the easy way, a perfect classroom tip


This is a great teacher or classroom tip!

This is also a great tip for anyone who wants to make things with colored wooden clothing pegs, but does not want to sit for hours painting and painting!! I would honestly use this to color a few… life is toooooo short to paint clothing pegs!!


Dye them with food coloring! It really is that simple.

Mix up your food coloring with a little water – just enough to hold the pegs (they float.) Don’t be shy with the coloring – the more you add the better it will work!


DIY wooden clothing pegs - dye them in bulk


Then drop your pegs into the water and leave overnight – make sure to turn them a few times (as they float.)


Wooden Clothing Pegs - Dye in Bulk


Take them out and let them dry…


color your wooden clothing pegs the easy way


There you go!! That simple, and what an easy way to do it!!!


DIY How to color your own clothing pegs


Especially if you want to make these butterflies – by the dozen!!

Coffee Filter Butterflies. A beautiful spring time children's craft idea!



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