How to make Angels that Stand on Their Own

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Angels are always just such a special addition to Christmas!

These Angels are easy to make and the result comes as a surprise.

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Angel craft supplies:

1. White or cream cotton type material. Thin fabrics do not work as well.
2. A packet of powder type wall crack filler, or ready mixed liquid. Do not use the quickset types. It does not give you enough time to mold your fabric.

It is called so many things: Spackling Paste / Polyfilla etc… Spackling paste can be watered down to a thinner consistency if it is too thick! You need a smooth creamy consistency.

3. Clear empty 500ml plastic bottle.
4. White wool, preferably double knit or something a little thick.
5. White ping pong balls. Polystyrene balls do not work as the spray paint destroys them.
6. Something sturdy onto which you can put your angels to dry.
7. Strong glue. I prefer using a glue gun.
8. Tin of spray paint. The angels can be painted with acrylic paints as well.
9. Large flat type container to mix crack filler mixture in.

How to make your angels.

I always make 3-4 angels at a time. Children love to make ‘another one’.

1. Cut the bottom off the plastic bottle so that it is 20cm high. This will be the body of your angel.
2. Remove the bottle cap and throw it away.
3. Glue the ping pong ball on the top of the bottle. This will be the head of your angel.
4. Let this glue dry well. Make sure the head does not come loose. I find that using a good glue is the only way to go. The best is to give it a day to dry.
5. Cut a square of fabric, about 60cm square. This is the angel’s dress.
6. Cut 20 strips of wool about 28cm long. This is the angel’s hair.
7. From the cotton fabric cut a strip of fabric 25cmx3cm long. This is the piece of fabric you wind around the neck of the bottle after draping the fabric over the head. It will become the angel’s neck.

Your angel is ready to go.

1. Place your empty bottle on your board. Make sure it stands evenly. Otherwise trim the base until it does not wobble.
2. Mix the box of crack filler powder with water until you get a smooth, creamy mixture. Do not make it too thin otherwise your angel will not dry properly and will not become stiff and hard.
3. Place the square of fabric in the creamy white mixture and coat it well.
4. Holding one corner run your other hand down the fabric and gently ‘squeeze’ off a little bit of the creamy mixture. Do not remove too much.
5. Open it out and place over the angel’s ‘head’. Placing the centre of the fabric over the centre of the ping pong ball.
6. Arrange the fabric so that it resembles a flowing dress. I also tuck under some of the bottom edges.
7. Dip the thin strip of fabric in the creamy mixture.
8. Holding an end in one hand run your other hand down and gently ‘squeeze’ off some of the creamy mixture.
9. Wind this quite tightly below the head. This will give you angel a neck.
10. Using both your hands holds both ends of the strips of wool and dip them in the creamy mixture coating them well.
11. Gently ‘squeeze’ off a bit of the excess creamy mixture.
12. Place these strips of wool over the angel’s head. Arrange well. This will be the angel’s long, flowing hair.
13. Place your angel in a safe place to dry. This can take a few days.

Once dried, your angel is ready to paint. If spray painting, please make sure to be in a well-ventilated area and cover surfaces.

Allow paint to dry well. Remove board from the base.

Your angel will surprise everyone.

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