How to make you own potato stamp – the easy way!

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The Easiest way to make a potato stamp

We use potato stamping for all kinds of thing – like this DiY wrapping paper made (with this heart stamp)…

This is a simple way to make a classic potato stamp – using metal cookie cutters.

We have made a heart – but of course you could use any shape you like!

How to make a potato stamp the easy way

1. Select a potato that is longer (rather than round) and is wide enough to accommodate the cookie cutter that you are going to use.

2. Cut the end of the potato – about 1/3 of the potato.

3. Push the cookie cutter into the potato – at least 1cm deep!

DIY potato stamp the easy way

4. Cut around the cookie cutter (about 7mm down) – making sure you make contact

5. Remove the potato you have just cut and make sure you have all the bits off the cutter.

6. Remove cookie cutter and there you go! The perfect stamp!

And what to do with a cookie cutter stamp? Why not make your own Gift Wrap like we did here…

Valenties DIY Gift Wrap


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This is without a doubt the easiest way to make a potato stamp - that can be used for all sorts of craft projects!

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