Ice Fun – Summer Excavating

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Ice and Summer go well together and this ice excavating activity is fun fun fun!

Easy to set up, great for summer cooling down, includes some strength – chipping and banging and pulling – and the beginnings of scientific experiments are also thrown in for good measure (ice and salt.)

Ice Excavating is a great kids activity. Keep them busy for hours and they learn about how ice melts - with warm water and salt. Sneaky little science lesson.

The night before, into a plastic pot, I chucked in some plastic kitchen food and put it in the freezer.

The next day I set up the frozen pot outside with excavating utensils and a bowl of salt!

Summer Fun - Ice excavation-04



Emma got to work!

And the work was harder than she initially thought!

Summer Ice fun - chipping away at ice




She banged away – and squealed in delight as the first plastic biscuit popped out!


Summer Fun - Ice excavation-05


Then she started digging!


Summer Fun - Ice excavation-03


After adding heaps of salt and watching how it slowly melted the ice, we had a need to slightly speed up the process, so a added a bowl of warm water which she spooned onto the ice!

This had great results!


Summer Fun - Ice excavation-08


Soon all the ‘food’ was saved from the ice!

I recommend this activity, its a great learning and it will keep a busy child focused for a good time!

Easy and fun. That’s what we love xx


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