Ice Painting – Homemade Paintsicles

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This ice painting summer time Art activity is great! The Kids loved it and these ‘paintsicles’ are so easy to make!

I loved the way they explored the new paints. Most of ours were on a stick – but there were also some that they had to pick up with their hands.

Homemade Ice Paints

The paints made bright lovely colors that ended up looking a lot like a watercolor painting, and surprisingly did not melt as fast as I thought they would.

Painting with Ice - Frozen Paint Art


I did think about just using water and food coloring – and if you have no corn starch I am sure this will work as a painting activity too, the corn starch however just adds a little thickness when the paint melts – and is worth adding if you can!


Make your Own Paintsicles - Ice Paint



Equal parts Corn Starch (corn flour / mazina) and water

Food Coloring

Popsicle Sticks – optional



First mix up your paint base using equal parts corn starch and water. Mix well.

Then divide into an ice tray.

Into each ‘cube’ add a little food coloring – until you have as many colors as you need to paint with.

Add a popsicle stick (I used half for each cube)

Then put into the freezer to set – I put mine in overnight


Homemade Ice Paint


Once ready, take them out and paint!

We painted on thick white paper!

Painting with Ice


Both kids had fun and sat for ages! In fact the paints outlasted them – which surprised me as it was a very hot day and they used them for about 40 minutes!

Ice Paint - Make your Own


When they had finished painting their pictures they moved to the paving in the garden and painted a little more and then arranged them to melt…

DIY Ice Paintsicles


A really different painting experience! Try it! It’s fun!

MYO Paintsicles - ice paints


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