Icy Easter Fun!

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Such an easy bath time or outdoor sensory activity – and so much fun!!

We made Icy Easter Eggs. Of course it does not have to be easter to make this happen!


Icy Egg Play. Great bath time or summer outdoor sensory play activity.




Emma loves playing in the bath! She can sit there until her toes get wrinkled, so every now and then I like to add a ‘surprise’ to bath time!

We made bath paint a while ago, and she loved it! In case you missed it, here are the instructions – Bath Paint

Today I surprised her with frozen eggs! Inside each egg I hid a plastic treasure – from her kitchen – a carrot, a chili and a little rolling pin! She explored one frozen egg at a time, first looking and feeling the cold on her hands, then she dropped it into the water where slowly it melted! At some point the little plastic items from her kitchen were released and she squealed with delight as they plopped into the water!

It’s a great activity that a child of any age is going to enjoy, for the younger child the unexpected melting is such fun and the difference between warm water and frozen ice is interesting! For those a little older, the process of melting frozen eggs in warm water is a great way of learning about temperature and how things melt!

I made the frozen eggs in balloons and left them to freeze overnight. Before I filled them with water I placed the little objects into each balloon. To fill a balloon with water you do need some water pressure, so I used the smallest tap in my house so I could secure the balloon over the end before I turned it on!



Easter Egg Ice Balls. A fun exciting bath time sensory activity for children.


And then it was a simple as cutting off the balloon and putting them into the bath!


Icy Easter Fun. Sensory Activity for children



We will definitely do this activity again outside, and then I will add some food coloring to the water, so that each frozen egg is a different color! Happy Melting!


Icy Easter Fun




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