Instagram Accounts that I love in January 2021

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The end of the year through the holidays always feels a little fuzzy on the brain and somehow – completely psychological I know, come the beginning of January my mind starts to clear and I am back on the inspiration wagon…

Each month I choose 10 Instagram accounts that are filling my world with color, and my head with ideas!! There is just so much WOW out there at the moment!!

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I have included all the links so you can click on through to their pages!!


Love this page! Filled with fun kids’ meals and treat ideas! This bear banana and chocolate smoothie bowl is a fantastic idea! Click here to visit…


Artist, Art Teacher, Mom… you can only imagine how beautiful some of the ideas on this page are! This magical new year crown is only the start… click here for more…

Fun activities for little ones! Twin Mom shares her days – with Two! Visit here…

This is her outdoor nature inspired hanging tree decorations! Have a look for full instructions.


Wonderful play ideas, including wonderful make it yourself materials and ingredients! This homemade tic tac toe game really caught my attention! How beautiful! Here is the link…


This page is a Kids art paradise! Filled with color and fun there are so many wonderful ideas to make and create with the little ones! Follow link here…

Mum to 3 tiny humans (3, 2 and 1). Preschool educator with a love of art. Child directed play based learning.

Such wonderful ideas! Click here for more…


Art teacher, reading specialist, artist, devoted husband, enthusiastic father… An Instagram page filled with love for creating! There are lots of free art lesson links! Go and have a look…

Oh to make breakfast like this!! Food art to inspire!! Click for for a feast!!…


My favorite Dutch art teacher, the word knutsel means to craft and the word juf is the Dutch word for teacher! There are always such nice ideas on her page, and like this snowman below, they often are made with simple materials that you can find around your home! Click here for more…


Fabulous ideas! This page is filled with all things creative for kids. This cardboard bear is just one of many ideas using recycled materials. Pop over and have a look!

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