James Goldcrown Hearts – Easy Recycled Art Project

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Here is a wonderful Valentine’s Day recycled craft idea!

James Goldcrown is one of my favorite go-to contemporary artists when the theme of love is involved! His spray-painted bleeding hearts murals have taken him around the world!

I love the shape of these hearts. They almost seem to be two shapes that join together to form a single heart!

Painting hearts with a cardboard tube or empty toilet roll is a great activity around Valentine’s Day. You can paint hearts just for the sake of it, or you can turn your artwork into greeting cards or wrapping paper.

This idea would honestly make the most fantastic wrapping paper! You could even print these hearts onto newspaper. We have made Valentine’s Day gift wrap before, that time we used a potato stamp!

James Goldcrown Hearts Supplies:

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Making these James Goldcrown Hearts is so simple, you most likely have all you need already!

  • Paper or newsprint. Brown paper would also work a treat!
  • Paint. We used acrylic paint like this…
  • Cardboard tubes or empty toilet rolls
James Goldcrown Hearts - Easy Recycled Art Project

Making these wonderful hearts is super easy!

Start by folding your cardboard tube into a James Goldcrown heart shape.

I have included a video how-to below…

Add a squirt of paint onto a plate and start printing.

We made three versions, one with red, one with red and pink, and one with a range of neon colors.

You will notice that as you paint, the top of the cardboard gets a little soggy. The hearts start looking even better as they create a bigger mark!

Once the cardboard tube starts to bend it is time to throw it away!

So easy!

So beautiful!

We used our to wrap up a few gifts!

Here are some other recycled craft ideas I think you may enjoy:

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Egg carton cacti! Just like building blocks – this is a wonderful summer time idea!

Recycled craft windmill. This little windmill actually moves!

Corrugated cardboard flowers. Absolutely beautiful!

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