Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Craft with Free Tree template

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Japanese cherry tree

The cherry blossom tree is considered the national flower of Japan and no wonder, it is absolutely beautiful!

We are lucky enough to have Japanese gardens close to our house and each year in spring we make sure that we have a look at the wonderful display of pink and white! The trees are planted close together and they form a majestic rooftop canopy .

We have painted and printed various versions of these cherry trees over the years, we just can’t seem to get enough!

This year we made it easy and I created a template – you can download it here. This particular tree was inspired by those wonderful Japanese calligraphy brush strokes!

Create your own Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree craft in a few easy steps:

  • Print out the template onto an A4 sized piece of paper or card
  • If you are going to use paper I suggest sticking it onto a firmer piece of card before painting begins. This will stop it from crinkling! We used a dark blue background.
  • You are of course welcome to use this tree as inspiration and paint or draw your own – get a calligraphy paintbrush here…
  • Once you have your tree in front of you it is time to paint on the cherry blossoms.
  • We painted our blossoms by dabbing Q-tips (earbuds)
  • We used three paint colors, dark pink, light pink and white. Ideally, you would like the light pink to be the dominant color. The other two colors add depth and variation.

This is a good time to teach color mixing. Start with white and add a little red to get light pink. Then add a little more red to another white blob of paint to create a darker shade of pink.

You need less red paint than you think – so tiny bits at a time!

And then you dab!

We added color one dot (or dab) at a time!

Watch the Cherry Tree Video here or on our You Tube Channel:

Free Printable Cherry Tree Template
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