Jingle Bells Painting – Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Ok, I love this one!

We have been waiting to do this activity since we saw the Shake it Up Splatter Painting by Sunny Day Family on our 171 Ways for Kids to Paint!

The right opportunity presented itself as we move forward into Christmas – and Jingle Bells are EVERYWHERE – – – I decided to combine some painting with movement and singing!!

Jingle Bells - no Mess - Splatter Painting

What I love about this activity – other than the NO MESS factor – is that it is actually not all that easy to do – in the sense that you need to shake around quite a bit to cover the card with paint – that means exercising at the same time!!

We added our Jingle Bells to the mix by singing – eventually just repeating the words Jingle Bells… Jingle Bells… Jingle Bells… over and over again!!

And when the painting was dry – overnight – we turned it into some fantastic Bell Tree Ornaments that we are going to be putting onto the tree this year!

What materials do you need?

Materials Needed for Jingle Bells Painting

Paint – we used acrylic – but any paint will do…

Card Stock

Empty Plastic containers – I used empty tennis ball containers, but any large sized one will do!

Bells, to Jingle with…

Ribbon or String – if you want to turn them into ornaments!

How to make a Jingle Bells Painting…

Cut the cardboard to fit into your plastic container – I made one that just fits and one that wraps around overlapping.

How to make a Jingle Bells Painting

Add your bells to the bottom of the container and add a squirt of paint to the bottom – and to the lid (I used different colors on the top and bottom)

TIP: The little metal bells are light – in weight – and therefore the paint needs to be quite runny as otherwise they stick to the paint…

Adding Paint to the Jingle Bells Christmas Activity


This is the GOOD Part!!

Now – for this magic to work, you have to sing…

And Shake…

Sing and Shake!!

You can see by the blurred ‘action’ shots below we were moving!!

Jungle Bells Christmas Craft

Once the painting was done I took it out to dry – secured it flat and waited…

The sides had curled up a little being in the container – but not much!!

Drying our Jingle Bells Painting

I then cut out little bell shapes and added ribbon!

The perfect personalized little decoration – and SO MUCH FUN to make!!

DiY Christmas Ornaments

The shaking up and the bells create beautiful textures on the card.

This activity really impresses me!

This is the most fun you are going to have making Christmas Decorations!! This is NO MESS - fun - and creates the most beautiful spatter designs. Great Kids Craft Project

Jingle Bells Shake it Up Painting - No Mess and so much fun to do! Great Kids Christmas Craft Project

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