Kids Activity: Play Dough and Spice Printing

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This Children’s sensory activity that involves printing with spices onto play dough – hence the name: play dough spice printing – is so easy to set up and a really wonderful autumn / fall thing to do!

Apple Pie Play Dough Printing. This is a fantastic sensory and learning activity for children! The smell of the play dough and spices, the patterns they make, all in a good days fun!

I got into my kitchen pantry last weekend and unfortunately there were a lot of spices in there that had – long – past their use by date, so I kept them and when we made our Apple Pie Play Dough, I thought this would be something the kids would really like to do – play with the play dough AND the spices.

I chose all those lovely Autumn / Fall smelling spices – cloves, nutmeg, star anise, and bay leaves…

Apple Pie Play Dough Sensory Play for Kids

Set them up in a tray together with the Apple Pie Play Dough, and then we got playing.

Very soon we were printing…

The spices printed onto the soft play dough really made great impressions!

Apple Pie Play Dough Printing

We rolled and stamped and pushed and squished!

This is one of those activities that start one way and end up another – AND BETTER!

The Kids loved this, and so did I!

We really enjoyed the combination of smells and textures and ability to create art – into play dough – with nutmeg and our favorite (because they make flowers of course) – star anise!!

Emma (3) loved the way the cloves smelled!

Dylan (1) loved eating the play dough!

We all had fun!

Apple Pie Play Dough


We made more Autumn Play Dough that you could use to print with!

Clove Scented No Cook

Cinnamon Scented No Cream of Tartar Play Dough

Orange Scented 


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