Kids Art Project: Painting Rainbows with Salt

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Painting rainbows with salt and watercolors is a great technique to try.

Salt painting is not only fun, but allows children to use droppers – something they need to carefully control, so fun and fine motor practice at the same time!

We love salt painting and have created many a masterpiece using this technique!

Painting Rainbows with Salt and Liquid Watercolors

You do need to have liquid watercolors available – and if you don’t have any, this is the easiest way to make them – you probably have all you need already at home!

Painting Rainbows Materials:

Thick Paper or Card

Clear school glue – Elmers glue like this one works a treat!

Fine kitchen salt

Liquid watercolors (or make your own)


I made up some watercolors and stood them all in a line!

It looked so pretty I did not want to disturb it!!

The colors of the Rainbow:






Indigo (purple)

Violet (this is made with red & blue)

Then we painted glue rainbows – using a fair amount of glue…

Onto the glue we added fine salt – so now we had salt rainbows.

Using droppers we dropped watercolors onto each color of the rainbow!

These rainbows turned out very pretty!!

You can see in places we added a little to much liquid – but it was so much fun!

Such a beautiful result using an interesting technique!

Love this!!

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