Kids Art: Spray Painting Graffiti

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Spray Painting Graffiti is a wonderful Children’s Art Activity – and best done outside!

I really do enjoy ‘process’  activities like this one where the Kids can just do, there is no goal, no instructions other than – paint and have fun!

Spray Painting Graffiti. Fantastic summer Activity - What Fun!

We have tried this painting process two different ways;

Lying the paper down on the grass AND sticking it up to the garden shed door.

Both has different results!


Long Roll of Paper or Big Paper – the bigger the better

Spray Paint – watered down (1 water to 1 paint)

Spray Bottles

Spray Painting Art Activity for Kids. Process Art is always fun and full of experimentation and learning.

The first time we did this I put the paper on the ground.

This meant that we had to spray paint from a little bit of a distance – especially when they got a little empty and we had to use the bottles upright!!

This created the most amazing brightly colored rain effect!

Outdoor Painting Activity for Kids. This Spray Painting Process Art Project has great results.

The second time we did this, I stuck a long piece of paper onto the garden shed door.

This meant we could paint up close.

It also meant the paint ran down the paper – leaving awesome long trails behind!

However you spray paint – it is worth it!

Both my kids (1.5 and 3 LOVED it!!)

Spray Painting Kids Activity. This is a great outdoor process art activity for children of all ages. Fantastic results

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