Kids Craft Handprint Owl

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We love Owls around here…

More than Owls though… we like painting and printing with our hands!!

Handprint Crafts are really special – and this Handprint Owl is no exception!

Kids Craft Handprint Owl

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Craft? Mother’s Day? Father”s Day?

We made their bodies with hearts – they also make great gifts to say I Love You!!

Perfect for anytime!

Making Handprint Owls


  • White Large format (A3) paper or card – for the background
  • Cardboard / Very Thick Paper – One Color for the Heart Shaped Bodies and another color for the triangle shaped beak.
  • Eyes – we used 3 different sized buttons to make eyes, but you could also use paper or big googly eyes
  • Marker – to finish off the legs and feet
  • Paint – for the handprint wings
  • Washi Tape to make the branch. Of course you could also paint or draw it on…

Handprint Owl

How to make a Handprint Owl?

  • First create a branch – towards the bottom of the paper. You can draw or paint this on if you like, we used washi tape and tore little strips.
  • Then make the body by cutting two heart shapes.
  • The heart that gets used for the head is slightly smaller than the body.
  • Stick these onto the paper – making sure the body – lower heart – is upside down.
  • The body should get stuck first and then the head.
  • Position the body just above the branch – so there is a little space to add the legs – you can draw these on with anything you like, we used a marker.
  • Then add your eyes and nose.

Button Eyes

  • We used buttons to make eyes, you could also use jar and bottle tops or googly eyes – or you could simply draw them on.
  • Then… here comes the really fun part…
  • Add some wings by painting and printing your hands. You have to use both your hands – so they are symmetrical.

Valentines Handprint Owl

How cute are these guys! We made 2!!

Twit Twoo We Love You!


Kids Craft Handprint Owls. These make the cutest little craft projects - made with two hearts!




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