Kids Fall Art Project: Puffy Paint Pumpkins

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These puffy paint pumpkins are so much fun and are such a wonderful – sensory – puffy – Autumn / Fall art and craft project for Children!

Even Moms and Dads will like this paint texture!!!

Fantastic Fall - Autumn Craft for Kids. Puffy Paint Pumpkin with real pumpkin seeds!

So let’s get started!

Pumpkin Puffy Paint Recipe and Instructions:

Ingredients: Shaving Foam – Clear School Glue – Orange Food Coloring – pumpkin spice (optional)


Puffy Paint Recipe
  1. Into a bowl add equal amounts of shaving foam and glue (depending on how much puffy paint you want to make)
  2. Mix well
  3. Add more shaving foam until it turns into stiff peaks – this usually means about a 2:1 ratio of foam to glue
  4. Don’t worry – you can’t get this wrong!!
  5. Add food coloring and pumpkin spice (optional) and mix well – you need a tiny tiny amount of coloring!
  6. Simple as that!
How to make Puffy Paint

And then when you are ready… start painting!

I drew outlines onto our paper for the girls to fill in. Once they were completely covered, they added real pumpkin seeds to the middle! The pumpkin seeds stick because of the glue in the mixture!

Puffy Paint Pumpkins

They turned out really well!!

Don’t forget pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes!

Halloween Puff Paint Pumpkin

Mommy made some too!!

I just could not resist the puffy texture of the paint!

Pumpkin Painted with Puffy Paint
Awesome kids Fall Craft Project

I gave mine a stem and some leaves.

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