Kids Gift Idea, Hama Bead Fish Keyrings

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This kids gift idea is a wonderful easy kids craft that results in an adorable self-made present for someone they love!

We love craft ideas that we can give as gifts afterwards and these are one of those gifts that grannies and grandpas really like! They are useful and they are precious!

Kids Gift Idea, Hama Bead Fish Materials

  • Hama Beads & Peg Board – We used a big square white one!
  • Keyrings
  • An Iron
  • Wax paper

Let’s get started! Hama Bead Fish Keyring Instructions.

Get everything ready! We used a square board and created our own fish designs. You can buy Hama Bead Fish Boards to make it a little easier, I’ve included some links below for your convenience!

Design your Hama Bead fish in any colour – that’s the best part, fish come in many many shapes and colours – so there is a world of options available.

For inspiration, we looked through a few fish books and talked a little about how colours look different underwater!

When you make your fish design make sure to leave a space (one or two) beads for the keyring. We left out a bead near the head!

Once you have finished your design iron the beads together as per instructions. You want to give them a good iron so the keyring does not break! I use wax paper between the beads and the iron!

And there you go! A wonderful gift to give to someone you love!!

Looking for more fish/under the sea craft ideas?

Under the Sea batik table cloth! This was so easy to make and requires no hot wax or dye as the traditional batik process asks for.

Turtles made from egg cartons – they don’t get any cuter!

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