Kids Hand Print Snowman Christmas Card

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Ok, these little snowman handprints are seriously cute!

Hand print ideas are always cute – because of the little hands making them!

I love the effort involved in placing a three year olds hand onto paper, with such excitement and they are always somehow so pleased with the result!

I love these hand print cards, because they really do make such special Christmas Cards and I know a granny or two who will absolutely love receiving them!


Hand print Snowman Christmas Card Materials;

Cardboard or thick paper. I used blue so the white snowmen would show up.

You could also buy ready made blank gift cards

White Paint – non toxic

Felt tipped pens to complete the snowmen

Willing little Hands


How to make Hand print Snowmen

You are printing onto the front side of your gift card

The snowmen are made from the printed fingers and a little bit of the top of the hand – to make a small bump for the snowmen to sit on

Paint your child’s fingers and half way down their hands


Stamp their hand and fingers onto the card – making sure the middle of their hand is at the bottom of the card

I made two types of cards, one with a single hand print and one with two!

Once the paint is dry, finish the snowmen with felt tipped markers. An older child can do this themselves. Add hats and scarves and eyes, noses and mouths…


Now all that is left is to put them into the post!

Christmas is a wonderful time to get sentimental – and these footprint reindeer cards are also a wonderful Christmas Card idea – all you need is a shiny nose.

These snowmen also make a great Christmas Ball decoration – you can see this here…

We made these Salt Dough Fingerprint Christmas Trees to hang up on our tree – also wonderful little ornaments – made with little fingerprints!


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