Kids Handprint and Footprint Pumpkin Crafts

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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We all LOVE Kids Handprint and Footprint pumpkin crafts, it always turns out so special!!

20 handprint and footprint pumpkin craft projects for children. Great autumnfall ideas - and extra special halloween pumpkin decorating ideas too!

Inspired by all the lovely ideas being shared I would like to bring you a collection of the cutest – loveliest – most special Pumpkin Handprint Art and Craft for Kids this season!

Handprints and footprints onto halloween pumpkins! A very special way to decorate this fall!

Lets start with the actual pumpkin – and these cute feet and hand additions!!

  1. Hand Print Spiders and Ghosts // Fun Handprint Art
  2. Footprints and a name – pumpkin printing // Image Source
  3. Beautiful Thankful Family Pumpkin Idea // The Melrose Family
  4. Babies First Halloween Handprint Pumpkin // Young House Love
  5. Scaredy Cats Welcome Handprint // Fun Handprint Art
  6. Footprint Ghost Pumpkin // Lemons and Laughs
  7. Hand and Footprint Carved Pumpkin // Holiday Favorites
Hand and Footprint Pumpkins. Great fall art activity for kids!

Feet and Toes!! Hands and Fingers – seem to make the best pumpkins!!

  1. Knuckle Pumpkin Prints // Early Learning – Mom Trusted
  2. Salt Dough Keepsake Pumpkins // Parker’s Mommy
  3. Handprint Pumpkin Picture // Mommy’s baby Love
  4. Handprint Gift Bags for Halloween – or fall // Glued to my Crafts
  5. Handprint Jack-O- Lanterns // The Preschool Toolbox
  6. Paper Plate Handprint Pumpkins // Babies Toddlers and Preschoolers
  7. Pumpkin Sun catcher with Handprint Leaf // Minne Mama
  8. Stamped Pumpkins with Thumbprint Leaves // Fun Handprint Art
  9. Thumbprint Pumpkin Patch // Crafty Morning
  10. Salt Dough Pumpkin – no paint // The Parenting Patch
  11. P is for Pumpkin // The Parenting Patch
  12. Handprint Paper Halloween Bag // Diets in Review
  13. Footprint Pumpkin Print // Image Source
20 Hand and Footprint Pumpkin Crafts
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