Kids Printing with Stones

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Printing with stones is a fantastic process art idea for kids of all ages + exploration of shapes and printing!

I have to admit that this was not my idea!

Emma suggested we paint with stones and make shapes – I said OK!

Great idea using stones to stamp pictures.

At first we randomly stamped – to see the form each stone was going to make, then Emma  thought of using the stones as ‘building block stamps’ to make houses and other things…

Rock Stamping - Kids Process Art

I adore the concept of walking through your garden and hunting for painting materials!

We have made our own paint brushes before – using things we found in the garden and around the house – that is also fun, you should try it sometime!

What do you need to Rock Stamp?

  • Paint – we used washable kids paint like this
  • Paper – I like process painting over bigger spaces so we used A3 paper size
  • Containers to hold the paint – they need to be big enough to be able to dip the stones into
  • A selection of stones

Setting Up Process Art for Children

When you are all set up – which is as simple as pie – all you need is two willing artists…

I have those in stock all the time – and they are always up for a paint!

Rock Stamping with Children

As with all other printing activities we have done, sound effects seem to be key!

With each stamp a single word gets said. This time it was BANG – obviously being ‘rocks’ they were heavy and needed a LOUD theme tune!

If you enjoy printing activities here are a few of the ones we have so enjoyed!

Rock Printing

Hope you give this rock printing a try!

It is so easy to set up and such a fine exploration of shapes and forms!

Interestingly an older child will start to observe that the shapes being printed are not like the actual shape of the stone – which is a wonderful beginning to things 2D and 3D! Stones are not a flat stamp and in fact have many sides.

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Rock Stamping is a wonderful - and easy to set up - Process Art Painting Project for Kids


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