M.Y.O Frozen Yoghurt – The EASY Way

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This is without a doubt the easiest way to Make Your Own Frozen Yoghurt!!!

A while back we made Frozen Yoghurt Snacks, and these are great for in-between…

This way however means we now eat frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream!!! WE LOVE IT!!!


You need yoghurts – we use small ones – and ice cream sticks!


easy frozen yoghurt ice cream


Cut a small hole in the top of the yoghurt – this holds the stick in place…


diy easy frozen yoghurt ice cream


Push the ice cream sticks through…


EASY frozen yoghurt


Freeze Overnight, and split them up once frozen…


MYO Easy Frozen Yoghurt


I think the next step speaks for itself!!!!


It could not be more simple! MYO easy frozen yoghurt


We removed the yoghurts by running them under warm water for a few seconds – just to release the plastic cup!!

And when you are finished don’t forget to put the plastic cup into your magic box!!


Enjoy Summer!!

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