Magic Flowers – Kids Birthday Party Gift Idea

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Hip Hip HOORAY!!

We have recently had a birthday party in the house!

Kids Party Gift


I was looking for something I could make – 25 of – to go to school – that was going to create excitement – but not cost me the earth… then I stumbled upon these…

The thing about these party favors – or gifts – or class gifts – or any gift really – is that they are so easy to make and kids LOVE them!!


Magic Towel Flower Party Favor

How to make Magic Flower Birthday Party Gifts:


  • Round/ Flower Shaped Magic Towels – also called Compressed Towels or Grow Washcloths…
  • Card Stock
  • Popsicle / Craft Sticks

How? Easy…

  • I wrote a little message – Emma is 4 – onto each popsicle stick (I used the wider craft stick version)
  • Then I cut out flower shapes from some card…
  • … and glued (with my glue gun) any strong glue will work – glued the flowers onto the popsicle sticks
  • Last, onto each flower I stuck a Magic Towel in the centre!

Magic Flowers - Great Kids Party Gifts

The kids LOVED them!

I know my two would open a new one every day in the bath given half the chance!

We have never had such clean faces!!

These magic flowers make such a great party gift - kids love them and they are so easy to make!


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