Magic Sand for Baby – 2 Ingredients

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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Following the great success of our “magic sand” we decided to give the littlest an opportunity to play with some magic of his own.

Substituting the baby oil for coconut oil meant that he could play play play, and I did not have to worry about him putting any into his mouth.

Taste Safe Magic Sand for Babies

He loved it! And he ate some…

I did have to stop him putting it into his mouth at some point, as I had visions of a mouth full of gooey magic sand and me fishing it out with a spoon!

NOTE: Flour is a raw ingredient so exercise care when using it – as with anything raw it may contain bacteria. You can eliminate that by spreading the flour over a baking sheet and baking it for 5 minutes on your ovens’ highest setting.

Instead of using flour you can also use a baby biscuit base – just grind up the biscuits to a fine texture in a food processor – and work with it in the same way. (Graham Crackers/ Marie Biscuits etc)

As always parent supervision is needed xx

Edible Magic Sand Recipe:

1 cup coconut oil

8 cups of flour

Place it into a bowl and mix together! It is that easy.

I left it in the bowl and let him play with the texture through his fingers.

He felt it, squished it – ate it – dug a little – squashed a little…

Next time Ill add some scoops and cups for him to play with!

You can add this magic sand to a sand table or sensory play space for toddlers and young children! They will also love the texture!

If you have older children and would prefer not to use coconut oil – here is our Magic Sand recipe using Baby Oil.

Need to shop for coconut oil?

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