Magical Garden Inspiration. Great DIY Garden Ideas!

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Turn your Garden into a Magical Play Space for children with these great ideas.

Honestly there are few things as lovely as being in your garden on a warm summers day, relaxing and magical!!

With that in mind I take garden inspiration from where ever I can find it!!

Here are some of the garden ideas that make me smile!!


This Teepee created by beans growing up a stick is just wonderful! Beans grow fast so this makes for the perfect garden hide away!!



Butterflies? How about making your own butterfly feeder?



Create a Fairy house and Garden. Enough to inspire any little imagination!

Fairy Imaginative Play


What a clever idea! Do you have any car parts lying around? Just a warning though, not a place to grow veggies. Apparently the rubber does give off some kind of nasties that are fine to plant pretty gardens in – but not really a clever idea to eat!

Framed Close up with blog address


Whimsical Toadstools!! I love this idea!



Do you know that Bees get thirsty too? How can you help them and encourage pollination in your garden?

Make your own Watering Hole for Bees. They get thirst too


These Flower Boots are too cute!! A clever idea – since we are almost out of our first size!!



A sunflower reading spot! I would have loved this as a little girl, in fact, I love this now!!




Old Bicycle? This makes a very sweet planter!



No Sew Teepee! This works inside and out!



This is a great idea for a planter!!



Another house idea – Children really do love little places to hide!! This Willow Den looks magical!



And finally, what about a great recycling project? The Birds will Love it!






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