Make Mom!! Wooden Spoon Puppets!

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Wooden Spoon Lady-04



There is something that all children like to do…and that is imitate their parents! Somehow Moms always get a high pitched squeaky voice…

For Mother’s Day – or any day – this is a great craft activity! Not only do you get to make a special present for your Mom, but you could also include it into your very own puppet show – wooden spoons make great puppets!


” Wooden-it be nice to make Mom?”


1.   You need: a wooden spoon, some fabric (as big as a dinner plate), a dinner plate, markers, scissors and a piece of ribbon.

2.   Draw around the dinner plate and cut out your circle. (or you can make a square)


Wooden Spoon Lady-01


3.   Fold the circle in half and half again and then cut the hole for the centre by just slightly snipping the corner.

4.   Dress Mom by slipping the fabric over the handle of the spoon and tightly tie with a piece of ribbon.

5.   Draw on Mommy’s face, add hair if you like, and write a special message or draw another picture on the back of the spoon.


Wooden Spoon Lady-02


6.   Now your gift is ready for mom to display in her kitchen.


Wooden Spoon Lady-03

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