Make your own Crayons for Earth Day

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Make your own recycled earth day crayons!

They are so easy to make and are absolutely beautiful!

Earth day is such a great time to discuss nature conservation and recycling with your children or class – and projects that make use of recycled materials teach more than just art!

Last year we made an Earth Day Luminary – using an old glass pot from our magic box, this year we decided to give our crayon box a spring clean…

If your crayon box looks anything like ours…full of half used bits and pieces, then it’s time for a crayon making project!

DiY Earth Day Crayons

We made Earth Day crayons, which are not only good looking, but great for gifts!!

How to make Earth Day Crayons…

First we sorted all the blue and green crayons…

Then we made sure all the crayons were ‘clean.’

We did this by using a potato peeler and shaved off all the brown dirty bits – and threw those away, they just make a yucky mess!

Then we chopped and shaved all the green and blue crayons into little pieces. I chopped with a knife – be careful of your fingers, crayons are slippery little things!!!

Emma shaved bits off with the peeler.

DiY - making earth day crayons

We filled our silicone mould about two thirds of the way – we used a round one so we could make the world!

You can use a metal muffin tin – works just as well!

making earth day crayons

Once all the holes were full, we popped it into the oven at 100°C for about 15 minutes.

We watched very carefully and took it out the moment they were melted.

Crayons are not pure colours, which means that if you let it melt too much it is just going to end up in one brown mess!

*Tip: we also made crayons in other shapes and forms – using a regular metal cup cake pan, it worked perfectly too, and after pushing the bottom of the pan they all just slid out! The only thing that varied is the cooking time, in the pans the crayons melted faster – as the metal gets hotter than silicone, so just watch your crayons carefully as the size and material does make a difference!

Make your Own Earth Day Crayons

Once they were cooled – we peeled them out of the mould.

Cooling takes a while – don’t rush! We actually left them in the mould overnight.

These crayons make awesome little gifts!

Make your Own Earth Day Crayons - so easy to make and WOW, they are beautiful!

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