Make your own Easter Bunny bags!

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Great little Easter Bunny Bag craft which makes such great gifts for the kiddies!

Bunny bags are great for hiding in the garden, their tummies filled with yummy eggs! We made our bunnies by sewing them together, however, if you do not want to sew you could just as easily fabric glue them, works just as well!

No-Sew Easter Bunny Supplies:

  • Fabric offcuts. We used blue and pink and alternated the colors for the ears.
  • Fabric glue or a sewing machine.
  • Pins – to hold the bunny ears together before tying
  • Ribbon
  • Easter eggs or treats to fill your bunnies tummy!
Easter Bunny bags

1.       Cut out fabric rectangles (My finished article measures 19cmx23cm)

2.       Sew or glue 3 sides of the rectangle (we left the top open)

3.       Cut out ‘ear ‘ shapes   …and stick into top left and right hand corners

4.       Paint or draw a bunny face onto lower part of rectangle

5.       Fill your Bunny bag with an Easter surprise

6.       Using your fingers, gather top edge down and then side edges together. PIN from left and right. Leave pins in.

7.       Tie tightly with ribbon and remove pins.

8.       Your bunny bag is ready to HIDE!

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