Make your own Easter Bunting!

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This Easter bunting craft activity is such fun, you can make as many eggs as you like, and everyone can take part!

A really great activity for friends or the classroom!

Easter Egg Garland

Cut out egg shapes (we used A4 sized card) and then using your favorite painting or decorating techniques create your own eggs!

We painted circles with TP Rolls, blew bubble painted prints, cut out shapes with scissors, printed with fingerprints and used kitchen utensils to make patterns.



making an Easter Egg Garland

We created so many eggs – as you can see!

The more the merrier!

Each egg can be decorated in any style you choose!

Easter Garland



When all the eggs were finished, we strung them all together with bakers twine.

Useful tip: We punched 2 holes in the top, this ensures that the eggs hang straight.

One hole gives them a bit of a ‘sidewards’ hanging appearance!

And then we hung it up!

A really pretty – rather special piece of Easter Decoration!

Easy to Make Easter Egg Garland


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