Make your own Glue

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We use a lot of glue around here, we just love to stick stick! One of Emma’s favorite things is to stick, with no objective – as in a finished craft project – just a piece of paper and bits and pieces of left over paper and things… stick…stick…

Easy to Make Glue - that really works. Completely safe for children as it is 100 edible! Step By Step Tutorial - with pictures

This glue is perfect for that. It dries completely clear and is quite strong – plenty strong enough to stick things onto paper!

It is also made from things you can eat! This means that if your toddler or child decides that vinegar flavored cornstarch is yummy – then by all means, go for it. (I of course would not advise it, but it won’t harm!)


30ml corn starch (corn flour)

120ml water

1tsp white vinegar


In a cool pot add corn starch and water together and mix until a paste forms – no lumps.

Make your own glue-04

Stir over a low heat, until the mixture turns into a vaseline texture – it does this all of a sudden.

Make your own glue-01

Remove from the heat and add the vinegar. Allow it to cool!

Once it is cool, store it in airtight containers!

Make your own glue-02

And then stick stick stick!!

Make your Own Glue to stick stick stick

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