Make your own Valentines gift wrap

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Valenties DIY Gift Wrap

Wrap that special gift in something made with love!

Potato printed wrapping paper!

We used newsprint for the paper, but you can use anything you wish… (brown paper also works really well!)

DIY Valentines Gift Wrap Easy to make

We made our gift wrap using a potato stamp!

Here are instructions on how to make one – the easy way!

Of course, you can find all kinds of heart stamps – use whatever you have available!

If you would like to make stamps with bottle tops and foam stamps, here is how we do it… and easy DIY stamp idea!

DIY Potato Stamp - the easy way

This is a real money saver and turns out incredibly pretty!!

It is also a lovely bit of stamping for the kiddies!

Children love to stamp!

Make your own Heart Valentines Gift Wrap  - Great money saver and craft project!

Inspired by Love? Here are some of our popular Valentine’s – LOVE INSPIRED – Ideas:

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