Mother’s Day Footprint Flower Keepsake

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Footprint flower painting is so much fun, not only do little feet make the best flower stamps, but it is something that Kids of all ages love to do!

Moms and Dads around the world enjoy hand and footprint painted gifts! These footprint butterflies also make wonderful  Mother’s Day gifts!

We have made several versions of these beautiful footprint flowers over the years!



Painting feet and little toes is not that difficult, organize a little chair for them to sit on in front of the paper and have plenty clean towels waiting!!

The first time we did this my babies were 1 and 3 years, so we printed feet together and then I finished off the stems and leaves.



Since then, my have they grown!!! Footprints still look as cute as the day they were born, but now they can complete the flower themselves!

Dylan painted curly circular leaves which I just fell in love with!





Footprint Flower Materials

We used A3 paper – so there is lots of space to paint leaves and stems!

Non-Toxic point of course for the feet! Go wild and choose your favorite color!



It is really as simple as that!

Add more feet for a whole bunch!

We could have walked flowers all day!!

If you want to try walking with paint on your feet – try this walking rainbows idea, or in autumn this footprint fall tree is also heaps of fun!




Below a photo (sorry about the bad quality) of the time we made an entire garden!

I seem to remember my broken back after this gardening session!!

Evidence however that the ballet lessons were paying off…


Footprint Flowers - painting just for fun


I love footprints!!

These make the best gifts and really special paintings or cards for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Grandparents gifts or any other moment when little feet are celebrated!


This is an easy - beautiful - kids craft idea for Mothers Day or Valentines Day

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