Mother’s Day Greeting Card, just like Mom!

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 We made our Mother’s Day greeting card, and wow, they turned out cute!

We loved drawing our Moms!

Children love to draw their own Moms – some find it funny – they all love it though!!

Making Mom a fantastic mothers day greeting card



Something to make Mom’s dress – scrap fabric, toddler art (we used our bubble paintings,) wrapping paper, felt

Something to draw with – we used markers

How to make Mom!

First we made a dress template – by folding a piece of card in half and drawing half the dress – to get symmetry.

Then we traced the dress onto the bits and pieces of ‘dress fabric,’ cut them out, stuck them onto a folded piece of card…


Making Mom in Her Dress

…and then we got drawing!

I just love the way Emma drew my long yellow hair! xxx

I drew my own Mom Gardening – she does this a lot!!!

Mothers day Card

Making Mom for mothers day

I’ll treasure this.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Moms!

If you want to make a Mom Puppet here is the link to our Wooden Spoon Mom Puppets – complete with designer dresses…

Footprint painted Mother’s Day ideas seem to be our thing!! Here are 3 more fantastic Mother’s Day Ideas: Footprint Painted FlowersButterflies made with FootprintsRainbow Walked Apron…

Children love to make their own Moms! This is a cute - and easy little idea for a Mothers Day Card!


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