Mother’s Day Vase – Pinch Pot

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 “Pinch Pot” Vase

Mothers day inch pot vase. Great gift for mom

Make a special vase for Mother’s day.

If you would like a step by step tutorial on how to make a pinch pot – photos included, just click here…

1. You need a ball of salt dough or clay about the size of a tennis ball.

2. Roll it into a ball and push your fingers into the top, making a hole.

3. Move them around so you ‘hollow’ it out, ‘pinching’ the sides as you go.

4. Keep the bottom flat so it will stand.

5. Time to decorate! You can make imprints into the side by using various objects – we used an old sewing thread spool, but you can use pasta, pen lids etc. Be careful you don’t press too hard on the outside.

Alternatively you can wait for it to dry and add paint and other decorations then.

6. All it needs now is flowers!

What a cute Mothers Day gift. Try this pinch pot vase

 What a surprise for Mommy!

There are many clay types that you can buy at a craft or art shop that do not need to be baked, just allow a few days for drying.

Alternatively, salt dough is a great medium to work with, and you have all you need in your kitchen cupboard. Salt dough dries naturally, but if you are like us – and want to get onto the decorating part fast, you can dry it in the oven.

Our favourite clay is this air dry clay… its hard and it dries very quickly!

How to make salt dough?

Here is an easy recipe...just click here…

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