Moving Dragon Puppet made from Recycling

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Moving Dragon Puppet made from Recycling

Our moving dragon puppet made from recycling is one of those beautiful week-long labour of loves! Totally worth it! Dylan absolutely loved this activity! This Dragon captured his imagination and his heart!!

We used an egg carton for the head. Egg cartons make THE BEST dragon heads! They create the perfect eyes that sit on top and the front looks exactly like nostrils. We also used off-cuts from the egg cartons for the tail. These were just the bits and pieces left over after we made our dragon head.

We wanted our dragon to move, so instead of creating a solid body we used cardboard tubes threaded onto a string. This allows the dragon to dance!

Dragon puppet supplies:

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  • Egg carton x 2. You need two, one for the head and one to cut out the eyes. We actually stuck two egg carton bottoms together.
  • Empty toilet rolls or cardboard tubes for the body.
  • Egg carton off-cuts or cardboard strips for the tail.
  • Colored paper. We adorned our dragon with scales on his head and body. We did this with red, yellow, and orange paper.
  • String or twine to secure the body.
  • Two sticks or dowel rods to hold your puppet.
  • Paint
  • Glue

How to make your own dragon

This is one of those make it up as you go along project ideas, however, I am going to share with you how we made our dragon puppet as a guide.

  • First, we stuck the eyes onto the head of our dragon.
  • Then we created our tail by making a fan-like structure of the egg carton off-cuts – the sides and front of other boxes.
  • Then we painted our dragon’s head, tail, and 5 empty toilet rolls. We used orange, red, yellow, and purple paint.
  • Once the paint was dry we cut strips of paper and little bits of paper into a semi-circle shape for scales.
  • We stuck these onto the head and all the toilet rolls.
  • We also added a fiery tongue!
  • We stuck a long piece of string to one of our dowel rods. Then we cut a small hole on the underside of the dragon’s head and pushed the dowel rod into it. We hot glued the dowel into place.
  • Then we threaded all the toilet rolls onto the string. We left a little space between them so the dragon is flexible enough to dance.
  • Finally, we stuck the string onto the second dowel rod and made a little hole in the back of the dragon’s tail to secure it into place.
Moving Dragon Puppet made from Recycling

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