MYO Sand Paint – Nature Art

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We are always looking for new ways to paint! Without a doubt our ‘bestist’ thing to do!!

This is a wonderful painting activity for children of all ages!

The sand added into the paint really does give a completely new dimension to painting and makes such interesting art!

The sand also sticks – the paint acts as glue – so when the painting is dry it is entirely possible to hang it up!

Sand Paint - Easy to Make - Incredible Texture

MYO sand paint in a few minutes!


  1. Play Sand / Sand Pit Sand / Clean Fine Sand
  2. Poster Paints / Kids Paint

We used about 1/2 cup sand for each color  – the quantities are not specific as it depends on the moisture in your own sand.

It more or less means 1 part sand to 0.5 parts paint.

Mix it all together!!

TIP: If your paint is a little to dry add a tiny bit of water

Making Sand Paint

And then we painted!!

NOTE : word of caution – don’t use new or precious paint brushes as you are going to flare out the bristles a little with the sand and they don’t really recover!

We have done this twice now – using different colors!

We loved the bright colors best!!

Sand Painting - a great new paint recipe


Sand Paint - summer painting fun

We painted outside – I made the paint there and we all sort of fell around the table!

It is a great outdoor summer art activity for children!

Something really different and process orientated – they can paint with a new texture, and that process of exploration is in itself enough… + you get to make fine art!!

It is not a messy activity – the sand sticks in the paint – so also perfect for indoors!! You may want to tap the dry painting outside or over a sink a few times just to get rid of any excess sand!!

Happy Painting!!

SAND PAINT - easy to make and so interesting to paint with! Kids will love this art activity and the result is spectacular!


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