Natural Art for Children – Nature Collage

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I love using nature to create art and craft with children as it somehow encourages us to stop and take a look at the world around us – this nature collage idea is definitely something worth keeping in mind!

Autumn is the perfect time to explore collage making as inspiration is literally falling out the sky!


We recently went camping to this amazing place called the “Curly Forest.”

Walking in the forest was absolutely beautiful.

It was just as you imagine a forest to be, dark and quiet with little patches of sunlight creeping through tiny spaces in the trees, and the trees were curly – just as promised!


The forest floor was an absolute treasure chest of precious items to be collected and stuck!

I like this kind of activity with children as there are no rules as to what you can find and there are no rules or guidelines as to what you can make…

My kids can walk for hours, their father can too – it’s built in somehow! I am always at the back taking pictures!

We searched high and low for things we could find to take back to the campsite with us to make art!


We learnt about mushrooms – there are so many this time of year and they scare me senseless, so definitely no touching those… They are pretty to look at!

Once we had walked further than our feet could carry us we returned to our tent and my two little artists got busy.

I packed thick paper and glue – with this kind of project in mind! (yes I am that mother that goes camping with a craft box.)


They got sticking!

And they stuck and stuck!

Their pictures were left to dry overnight and although a few of the bigger sticks came off, the next day we had lovely nature collages!

If you are interested in more nature crafts, here are a few to get you started!




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