Nature Art Stick and String Sculpture for Kids

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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This Nature art stick and string sculpture is the absolute perfect craft activity for camping! It involves a big walk to source all the wonderful materials, and then on a rainy day you can put them all together!

I think that process art projects are important, especially for younger kids! School, sport and life is so goal orientated that once in a while it is so therapeutic, and let’s not forget fun, to just make something that does not need to look specific or end up in any way. The result is always perfect!

We have made many art and craft projects over the years that focus on the process rather than the end result here is some insiration:

Nature Art Stick & String Sculpture Material List

  • Sticks and Pine Cones, feel free to gather any natural object to add – acorns, leaves, rocks, seed pods to name a few
  • String or Cotton or Twine – we used neon cotton
  • Optional: Paint and Glitter, we did not end up using this, it was the intention, but by the time we got to the end they were perfect as is and needed no further decor!

There are no further instructions for this except have fun!

Wind the string around the sticks and pinecones and anything other object to secure in place.

Little hands may struggle initially to wind the string around the sticks tightly, a little tape start may help – or a dot or two of hot glue!

I loved the brightly coloured string around the natural wood and pine cones! I personally loved this as much as the kids! We could have carried on all day!

Looking for more Nature Art Ideas – or ideas that have been inspired by Nature… click on the pictures below and they will take you right there!!

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