No Tartar Play Dough Recipe – Cinnamon Scented

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Almost every play dough recipe you open includes cream of tartar, something that you don’t always have lying around…

When we were setting up for our school fall table I wanted to try and make a play dough that did not include cream of tartar and one that smelled just like Autumn!

Our No Tartar Play Dough Recipe is easy – and yum – some of the parents at school picked it up and said “I could eat it!” There you go…

Easy to make - this NO cream of tartar included - Cinnamon Scented Play Dough will be a real winner! People actually want to eat it!

Just like our ‘best play dough in the world’ recipe – you need to slightly cook this one – but the effort is worth it as cooking it will help to keep it longer – as there is no cream of tartar, and that is one of it’s functions!


So what do you need to make this no tartar play dough?

1 cup flour

1/4 cup salt

1 cup water
1 Tablespoon Veg Oil

3 teaspoons white vinegar

cinnamon scented oil

food coloring – I used Yellow

Easy to make - no cream of tartar - cinnamon scented play dough. Make some today


  1. Mix up the flour and salt
  2. Add the water, vinegar and oil and stir well
  3. Put it onto the stove on a low heat
  4. Keep stirring until it gets dough like
  5. Remove it from the heat – and as soon as it is cool enough to knead – do so.
  6. Add a few drops of the cinnamon scented oil as you knead
If you want to add a color you can do so in the beginning – into the water – before you add it to the dry ingredients OR if you want to make more than one color dough you can split the kneaded dough into bits and add it in by further kneading.
This play dough will last for weeks if stored in the fridge between plays!
Make sure to pop in into an airtight bag!
The lovely Cinnamon Scented play dough is easily made and requires no cream of tartar. Perfect Kids fall sensory activity.
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