Number Hunt. A Counting Based Treasure Hunt.

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This just happens to be a great indoor activity if you are looking for something to do on a rainy day, however, you can do this number hunt anywhere – house, garden, park…

You have to search for things that are in groups of 1 – 10.

Younger children can draw what they see and older children can write the answer, or write and draw!

Number Hunt: an example around our house:

  • 1 carpet on the entrance hall floor
  • 2 taps on the bathroom sink
  • 3 drawers on the office desk
  • 4 clocks around the house
  • 5 candles on the lounge table
  • 6 chairs around the dining room table
  • 7 windows in the front room
  • 8 lights on the kitchen ceiling
  • 9 photos on the wall
  • 10 buttons on the T.V.

You can print directly from the picture below or you can download the template here…

Number Hunt, a counting activity treasure hunt with free printable template
Number hunt. A counting based treasure hunt.

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We would love to see what you find!! Please add your completed number hunts to our Facebook wall – click here for direct link…

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