Oh so sweet! Our Ice Cream shop.

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Today we created our own pretend play ice cream shop!

It was fantastic, and the customers just kept on arriving for some sweet tasty soft serve!…

The instructions here include a great recipe for ‘ice cream.’ If you would prefer not to use this recipe, play dough recipes also work – like our best play dough in the world recipe – or this no cook one

Pretend Play Ice Cream Shop


I set up the shop with all our ice cream “things.”

I used sprinkles and little beads and glitter and I found all the plastic ice cream cones and cups.

I added a few plastic strawberries and colored rice.

Last but not least some ice cream scoops, spoons and cup cake liners were added!

Ice Cream shop - this is how we set it up



Then we made the ice cream.

This recipe is all over the internet for making soft play dough.

When I was making it the first time however I thought it looked just like ice cream soft serve!

I increased the liquid just a little and it honestly looks even better than the real thing!



how to make pretend play ice cream

Pretend Play Ice Cream Recipe

1 part hair conditioner and 2 parts corn starch. (this is the play dough recipe).

Then I added a squirt more conditioner – about 3 tablespoons full!

I put the mixture into two zip lock bags and added a little food coloring to each – and mixed well!

Ice Cream for pretend play

Our shop was now open for business!

The first customers to arrive were Papa and baby Dylan, followed by frog, dog, Nintjie, dinos, baby and aca paka!

We served them all afternoon!

We spoke to our friends and asked them what they would like, we made the ice creams, we served them and we tidied up!


Happy CustomersPretend Ice Cream Play


This is such a great play activity.

Emma really did go all out with the creations – the sprinkles are the best part!

This is the best ice cream ever – you can use it again and again – the texture is amazing!!! – – – and it does not melt!!! (I wish they made real ice cream that you could eat again and again – with the same calorie count…)

Ice Cream for Ice Cream shop

This has really made me think about a REAL ice cream station for her next birthday party!!

What a great little ice cream shop!

A wonderful pretend play activity. This post includes the recipe for this wonderful pretend play recipe

A fantastic recipe and idea for pretend play. This ice cream recipe has the best texture and is wonderful to play with! Including all instructions and inspiration for your very own ice cream shop

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