Painting Cherry Blossom Trees with Kids

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It is that time of year again! The time when trees that have been empty all winter burst with color and you just know that summer is on its way!

There is an amazing Japanese Garden that is filled to the brim with Cherry Trees just around the corner from our house!! After visiting we were inspired to make our own!

If you prefer an easy option, here is a free printable Cherry Tree template for you to use – another wonderful Japanese Cherry Tree craft idea!

Materials needed: Painting cherry blossom trees with kids

  • Thick Card Stock – White
  • Paint. We used poster paints, but in theory, you could use any paint you wish! You need Blue, White, Pink, Brown
  • Paint Brushes, straws, kitchen sponge, Q-Tip

Instructions: How to make your blossom trees

This is a 3 step process. Give yourself time in-between the three steps for the paint to dry. We left ours overnight.

  • Step 1 – Painting the background
  • Light blue at the bottom with a gradient to a darker blue at the top
  • An adult or older child could blend the white into the blue by adding a little more blue each time they paint… however a 5-year-old is going to struggle a little with blending.
  • To make it easy, I made three blue colors.
  • We split our pages into 3 parts (in our minds) bottom, middle, top
  • With a sponge we painted on the three colors, creating a gradient. Sponges are great for painting larger areas, it distributes the paint evenly and it is quick!
  • Then using a dry sponge we went over the area where the two different blue colors meet. This blends in the colors nicely!
  • Step 2 – Painting the tree
  • We painted trees by dotting brownish/black paint – “dotting” rather than painting creates a pretty effect.
  • I watered down the paint a little. We left a few spaces between the dots as we were painting, and then with a straw we blew the dots into each other, which creates an additional whispy effect onto the tree.
  • Step 3 – Painting the blossoms
  • This is the most fun!!
  • I made a ”paintbrush” by sticking together 3 Q-tips with tape.
  • I then laid out white and pink paint on a plate and we dipped our Q-tips into the paint and dotted on the blossoms.

What a result! Beautiful cherry blossom trees!

I love the way each tree is completely different! It is always so interesting to watch children’s imaginations pour out onto paper – the same instructions and example, and such varied results!

Our cherry blossom trees drying:

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