Tape Resist Art – Father’s Day Gift

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Papa for Fathers Day

Tape Resist Father’s Day Painting

This is a simple yet effective way of painting something special for your Father! It can be done by all ages – may need a bit of Mom’s help in the beginning!



1. An art canvas, or piece of canvas fabric that is going to be cut and framed.

2. Contact (sticky paper)

3. Acrylic paints (or other quality paints, we used acrylic as we wanted it to last)



1. First, write Dad, Papa, Father, I love you… onto the contact. Make sure you write nice big thick letters to get the full effect.

2. Then cut out your contact letters and stick them onto the canvas, placing them where you want the writing to be. Make sure they are nicely stuck down so no paint can get underneath! Older children can do this themselves, younger children are going to need some help.


tape resist art for fathers day




3. Once your ‘word’ is all in place, start painting!!

4. Cover the entire canvas in your favourite colours and then when you are finished, gently remove the contact paper, using a pin or other small sharp object to life it up at the side.

5. You want to remove the contact when the paint is still wet otherwise you chip the sides of the letters when you pick it up dry.

6. We added a handprint ‘signature’ when we were done, that’s optional of course!


Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers Day Tape Resist Art. This is a great art project for kids and it makes a lovely gift for Dad! So easy to do - even a toddler can make one!

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