Painting Patchwork Cats with Kids

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Where did the idea to paint patchwork cats come from?

Elmer the Elephant is a wonderful book by David McKee. Elmer is a patchwork Elephant and has been the inspiration for so many art and craft ideas!… here is a link to the book


We wanted to apply the same patchwork idea to an art class, only we wanted to paint cats…

The result was puurfect!!

Painting patchwork cats materials:

Cardboard, we used A2 size, white for the canvas and black card for the edged background. It is always a wonderful ides to finish off a great piece of art with an edge – I normally use black.

Pencils, black markers or sharpies

Watercolor paint, we used bright colors from a pallet similar to this.

If you would like to make your own liquid watercolors – here is a link to our recipe (these don’t wash off clothing so be careful!)


How to paint a cat…

We cheated a little…

First we drew our cat outlines in pencil, making sure we got them right.

Have a look at our cat body… there are no feet… when a cat sits you often can not see their paws as they fall under their fur. So for this particular – easy cat there is no reason to worry about those…

Essentially our cat is an oval body with a circle head, two pointy ears, a very curly tail and a cat like face.

Once we had all the outlines down we went over them with black marker, and then “patchworked” the body with little squares.

Once everything was drawn with marker and we were sure we loved our cats we started painting.

We painting in our cats, and then some of us wanted to paint a background – which we did in blue, welcome to add star or two if you like!

This is of course a personal preference!

Paint the face first – this requires more concentration than painting in the patchwork body.


Our cats were inspired by Elmer the Elephant, we thought we would add in some Elmer ideas from other bloggers we love!!

Buy the Book here…

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