Painting Pumpkins with Children

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painting pumpkins with Children in the fall is such a wonderful seasonal art project!!

I do enjoy a good pumpkin painting and painting pumpkins with Children in the fall is such a wonderful seasonal art project!!

For me the key to painting a pumpkin with Kids is to add in the little details! Did you know, pumpkins have ribs? That is what those vertical lines are called. When painting a pumpkin it is nice to use different shades of orange for each rib, you create an easy 3D effect that way!

I took some pumpkins into the classroom and we had a good discussion about the color, shape, and key features – like the stem and big leaves.

We also discussed how the pumpkin was not round like a ball, rather more of an oval shape with ribs or ‘sections’ running vertically down the sides…

We all tried to pick up a big pumpkin! There was much grunting and groaning… pumpkins are heavy you know!!

Im lucky that my Children have great teachers who let me jump into the classroom from time to time. This way I get to create art with a bigger group of children. I always enjoy the process and the way that 25 children come up with 25 different creations from the same set of instructions! These pumpkins were painted by 6 year olds!

Created by Olivier

Materials to create your own painted pumpkin

  • Thick white paper or cardboard / cardstock. We used size A3 / 11 x 17 in.
  • You need 1 piece for the background and one piece for the pumpkin
  • Two shades of green paper / cardboard. One darker for the leaf and one lighter for the ground. The green paper need only be an A4 size / 8.5 x 11 in
  • Paint – paints like these are great
  • Scissors and Glue
  • A pencil
painting pumpkins with Children
Created by Lucas

How to create a pumpkin piece of art

We painted and used paper for this project. The pumpkins and the background are painted and the leaves and the pumpkin patch ground are paper cut-outs. I wanted to create a blended blue background – as we did here with the Cherry Trees, that is why the choice of paint for the background.

5 Easy Steps;

1. On one piece of paper create a gradient background:

  • Light blue at the bottom with a gradient to a darker blue at the top
  • An adult or older child could blend the white into the blue by adding a little more blue each time they paint… however a 6-year-old is going to struggle a little with blending.
  • To make it easy, I made three blue colors.
  • We split our pages into 3 parts (in our minds) bottom, middle, top
  • With a sponge we painted on the three colors, creating a gradient. Sponges are great for painting larger areas, it distributes the paint evenly and it is quick!
  • Then using a dry sponge we went over the area where the two different blue colors meet. This blends in the colors nicely

2. Now Paint your pumpkin;

  • Remember that a pumpkin is not round – rather an oval shape
  • First draw – with a pencil – the outline, and then fill in the ribs of the pumpkin. Use this template as a guide…
  • Create at least 3 different shade of orange. I did this by using orange – orange + white – orange + yellow
  • Paint your pumpinm making sure that each rib is painted with a different color to the one next to it
  • Wait for your pumpkin to dry. We did this activity over two days, so the pumpkins dried overnight.
  • Cut the pumpkin out.

3. Once your background is dry you will need to add some ground for the pumpkin to sit on;

We did this by cutting an A4 / 8.5 / 11in piece of paper paper like this:

4. Draw a pumpkin leaf;

  • Pumpkin leaves are big and have a distinctive shape! You do not have to get it right, and as you can see from our pumpkins every leaf looks good!
  • We used the darker green paper to draw our leaves
  • Cut a bigger steam for your leaf so you can stick it onto the pumpkins steam

5. Stick it all together!

  • Once everything is dry and cut out, stick it all together for the perfect picture!
Created by Dylan

Painting pumpkins with Children is a wonderful activity that requires observation, discussion, painting and fun!

If you enjoyed this art project, here are some other wonderful pumpkin ideas;

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