Painting Sticks – Nature Craft

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A great summer camp and outdoor kids craft!! Believe me on this one – painting sticks is fun, lasts for literally hours and really involves a little more learning than you think!!

Best of all – Painted sticks are beautiful!

Painting Sticks - Nature Craft Ideas for Kids. So easy to set up and they love it!


We are going to make more and more and more…


OutDoor Camp Craft. Painting sticks


So, what do you need for this craft: Sticks and Paint and Paint Brushes…

That’s it!!

We used normal school poster paint – you can use any paint – as long as it is a little sticky and thick (watercolors for example are not going to work!!)

Painting on sticks. Summer Camp Craft


Set up a painting spot and get painting!

Great activity for many children to do at once! GREAT GROUP exercise!

Nature Craft for Children - Painting Sticks


Painting the little ends of the twigs actually looks harder than it is – at least I though so… you have to hold the branch with one hand and paint with the other – gently – otherwise the entire stick moves – perfect for hand control practice!!

When you are done, leave it out to dry – in a safe place!


Painting sticks - great outdoor activity and craft


And there you go!

Just look at the colors on that stick!!

I know we are going to make more of these – enough to put into a large vase and display!

TIP: Go lighter with the colors – rather than darker – they stand out more!


Perfect Summer Camp Craft - Painting Sticks

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