Painting with Dinosaurs – Easy Kids Craft Activity

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Have you been painting with Dinosaurs lately!

We have a new fascination with dinosaurs! All children do and I don’t know why? Perhaps because they don’t exist, perhaps their size or their unusual appearance? If anyone has the answer I would love to know!


Painting with Dinosaurs. a fantastic little kids craft that is easy to set up and so much fun to do!

We like to paint with ours!


Dinosaur Feet Painting-05


They have great footprints!


Dinosaur Feet Painting-04


Dinosaurs live near leaves = it seems… So we had to print some of these too!


Dinosaur Feet Painting-03



The footprints with the leaf printing turned into a great activity!


Dinosaur Feet Painting-02


Dinosaur Feet Painting-01



And as always, once finished, we stood by the sink and ‘washer’ ‘washer’ them clean!!  I think half the reason we like to print with objects is so we can wash them afterwards…

(sometimes I don’t know why I spent so much money on a dishwasher?)


Dinosaur Feet Painting-08


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