Painting with Magnets: Moving Art Activity

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Painting with magnets was both fun and interesting – the end result was unexpected, and the room was quiet!

Kids Moving Art. Painting with Magnets.

We used our SmartMax building set to try something a little different! We painted!!

I put a piece of paper onto a plastic lid and then placed the SmartMax balls on top. Under the plastic lid I ‘stuck’ the ‘operators’ – the magnetic sticks.

Painting with our SmartMax Magnet Set

On to each paper I squirted a few blobs of paint, and then we got rolling!

The room was still as we concentrated very hard!!!

Moving a magnetic ball around on top of a plastic lid is not as easy as it seems – especially if you are trying to create a picture by rolling the ball through the paint…

Painting with Magnets - Interesting Kids Art Activity

I held the plastic lid while the kids ‘made’ their art – and I have to say there are very few moments when I see such concentration…

We rolled until the page was full!!

Rolling Magnet Painting Art Activity for Kids

I was not expecting so much definition. The magnetic balls actually carried the paint well, and because there was almost a 3d texture to this paining it STILL looks like it is moving!! Either that or a giant snail has been in our paint!!

You don’t have to have (affiliate) SmartMax Magnets to do this – any magnets will do – and if you can get hold of magnetic balls that roll – even better!

Such an exciting painting activity for kids - as they need to move and balance - and the result is a wonderful piece of art!
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