Painting with Oil and Water… Science meets Art

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Painting with Oil and Water is beautiful!

It is not only such a fantastic idea to do with children, but it really does create the most spectacular art!
Older children can also get a science lesson at the same time… no matter how much you try…Oil and Water do not mix!


Oil and Watercolor Painting, science and art in one. Great kids activity.

What do you need?

Liquid Watercolors – you can make your own or  buy these (affiliate link)

Droppers like these plastic ones or these glass ones

Watercolor Paper – I use this watercolor paper or you can get these cute little watercolor papers in postcard size.

Painting with Oil and Water - science meets art

We used our Homemade Watercolor Paint and normal Sunflower Cooking Oil. I set this up in little jars with droppers.

We used droppers because paint brushes can smudge the paint a little – and although producing a similar result, droppers created these great little round bubbles of paint on top of the oil!

And so we got dropping…

Science meets Art. Painting with Oil and Water.

First oil and then water…

The paint and oil creates this amazing effect… little watercolor droplets balance carefully – and a bit wobbly – on top of the oil…

Oil and Water. Painting and Science combined

It really is quite beautiful!

The next day – step 2 of our painting experiment – when the oil has soaked into the paper and is no longer providing a barrier, the watercolors have seeped in and spread out onto the paper – their bright colors remaining!

Where the oil was there are no colored splotches!

Painting with Oil and Water


This is definitely a project that we are going to be doing again!

This painting technique would make the best little watercolor postcards ever!



Oil and Water Painting

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