Kids Art: Painting with trains.

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Great Boys Painting Activity with Trains


Today we chugged along our paper and created great train tracks and prints!

Inspired by a post from Mosswood Connections, we could not wait to try it for ourselves!


We got a long long long piece of paper and squirted some paint into cake tins.


Painting with toy trains-02


Then we rolled the trains through the paint, and got painting the longest train tracks ever!


Boys Painting Activity! Paint with Trains


We rolled and rolled and rolled, until our little trains were tired!


Choo Choo. Painting with Trains


Then we decided it would be a good idea to print onto the tracks using the blocks that usually stack up onto the train!


Painting with toy trains-05


This was lots and lots of fun, especially since the prints were giving us ‘holes’ in the middle!


Painting with Trains! What a great little boys activity


And when we were completely choo choo’ed out, we stood back and admired our masterpiece!


Painting with Trains


The only thing left to do – our second favorite activity after painting – was to “washer washer.”

So we stood quietly next to the sink and washed our train back to new!


washing up after painting with trains

I enjoyed this activity because it added a new dimension to our toys!


It also required a little movement – I like to get the kids moving during art!

Emma thought it was great fun – we did it twice!

Awesome Kids Art Activity. Painting with trains on long paper - fun and movement


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